AutoPot 1 Pot Complete (15L Pots)

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AutoPot 1 Pot - 1 Pot with 47L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 2 Pot with 47L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 4 Pot with 47L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 4 Pot with 47L Tank 7mm
AutoPot 1 Pot - 6 Pot with 47L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 8 Pot with 100L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 8 Pot 7mm with 100L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 12 Pot with 225L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 12 Pot 7mm with 225L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 16 Pot with 225L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 24 Pot with 400L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 24 Pot 7mm with 400L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 36 Pot with 400L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 48 Pot with 400L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 60 Pot with 400L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 80 Pot with 750L Tank
AutoPot 1 Pot - 100 Pot with 750L Tank


The AutoPot 1Pot is a fully automated, low maintenance, watering system that uses 15L pots and an AQUAvalve to gravity feed your plants, rather than relying on pumps, timers and electricity.

When you first set up your AutoPot system and fill the reservoir with your nutrient solution, the AQUAvalve will open, the solution will then run into the trays of the pots, when it reaches the preset level of 20mm, the AQUAvalue will close, stopping the flow of nutrients.

As this solution is absorbed by the plants, the AQUAvalve will not open to replenish the nutrient level in the tray until its all been used, meaning your plants can be grown in a wet and dry cycle allowing them to thrive.

The AutoPot 1Pot system is also extremely flexible as it can easily be extended to double, triple or even quadruple the number of pots that can be fed from just 1 tank, but can also be moved around as your plants grow, giving them more room to blossom making this a versatile way of growing.

A free draining substrate such as soil, coco or a 50/50 soil or coco mix with clay pebbles or perlite can be used, but whichever substrate you choose, make sure its absorbent, light, fluffy and free draining in order for you to get the most out of the AutoPot grow system.


  • AQUAvalue gravity fed automated watering system using 15 litre pots
  • Low maintenance and no need for pumps, timers or electricity
  • Allows plants to thrive using a wet & dry cycle
  • Can be easily extended to allow more pots to be run from just 1 water tank
  • Suitable for growing in soil, coco and soil or coco 50/50 mixes with pebbles or perlite


  • 15 litre pots and matching tray
  • Water Tank - size varies depending on the number of pots (see below)
  • 1x AQUAvalve per pot
  • All required pipework and fittings

The nutrient tank sizes supplied with the various AutoPot systems are as follows:

  • 1-6 Pot System - 47 Litre Tank
  • 8 Pot System - 100 Litre Tank
  • 12 Pot System - 225 Litre Tank
  • 24-60 Pot System - 400 Litre Tank
  • 80-100 Pot System - 750 Litre Tank

You can also download the AutoPot set up guide from the Product Downloads tab below.

Please Note:

We don't always stock all of the AutoPot Complete systems, especially the larger set ups. For more information on availability, collection or shipping times call us on 0800 038 7100.

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