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  1. Dealer Days

    Dealer Days
    Get the best from your grow room, equipment, and nutrients by heading to one of our upcoming Dealer Day’s:
  2. VL Turbo+ Q & A

    VL Turbo+ Q & A
    What a 12 months it’s been here at Hollands. Between the pandemic, stock shortages, price increases and courier issues we have stayed strong so that our customers can carry on about their business as pain-free as possible.
  3. Click & Collect

    Click & Collect
    Our Click & Collect service is designed to give you full peace of mind as to when you will receive your order. Meaning you can relax and not worry about not being home and missing the delivery.
  4. Advantages of reflective sheeting

    Advantages of reflective sheeting
      The priority for any grower is to get the most out of your grow room, to improve yields and result in the best crop possible while growing indoors.   Although indoor grow lighting has become dramatically more powerful and efficient over the years, adding small additions to your grow room such as reflective sheeting can make your lighting even...
  5. All four stores now open 7 days

    All four stores now open 7 days
    Phone and collect available at Hollands Horticulture. We are now able to offer a contactless Phone and Collect service from all our stores Monday – Friday 10am – 5:30pm starting Monday 18th May.
  6. Advantages of LED Lights

    Advantages of LED Lights
    Advantages of LED lights. While there any many different types of lighting for hydroponics, LED grow lights seem to be taking a rise recently for indoor gardening lighting.
  7. How to prevent Pests

    How to prevent Pests
    How to prevent pests! We’ve compiled a little guide to some of the most common pests, giving you an idea of what to look out for help you to prevent, control and eradicate them.
  8. Hydrofest 2019 - A review

    Hydrofest 2019 - A review
    Our Holland’s HydroFest was a success again this year! It was a day that brought all your favourite suppliers together and showcased the very latest tech and hydroponic brands. Big thanks for the guys at Highlight Horticulture/ Veg+Bloom and Autopot for sponsoring the event. These are the suppliers and brands who attended where: Sponsored by Autopot & Highlight Horticulture Hydrogarden...
  9. The Beginner's Guide To Transplants

    The Beginner's Guide To Transplants
    Transplanting can be defined as the process of moving and replanting a germinated seedling or cutting into a permanent location. Transplanting can be useful to move a cutting from a cube/plug to a larger pot to allow the roots enough space to grow.
  10. The Beginner's Guide To Taking Cutting's

    The Beginner's Guide To Taking Cutting's
    Plant cutting, aka cloning, is a form of plant propagation where a section of a mother plant is taken and placed in a new environment in order to regrow into a new independent plant. Certain factors may affect the quality of the cutting when regrown such as environmental conditions, the hydration levels and the concentration of growth hormones in the cutting.

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