Grow Room Essentials

When gathering all your grow room necessities, you may think about all the big things you need: growth media, tent, lights, extraction, nutrients, even what cuttings or seeds you'll be growing. Those are the most obvious things to think about but it’s the smaller (yet still useful and important!) bits and pieces that can easily be forgotten about. So with that in mind we've compiled a list of Grow Room Essentials that'll make your time growing that little bit more organised.

1 - Syringes & Pipettes

One of the simplest of essentials, syringes and pipettes are a fundamental item to have for accurately measuring small volumes of liquid. Use for anything from nutrients to pH down/up to supplements and more. Syringes and pipettes will give you precision and sterility when measuring out dilution rates, giving the grower confidence that's the plants are getting exactly what they need.

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2 - Pruners

Don’t just reach for any old pair of scissors that are lying around the house or workshop as they could be blunt, easily break, or worse case scenario, be covered in bacteria which could be passed on to your plants. Instead, use a dedicated pair of sharp, clean pruners designed especially for plant management, it'll make trimming and harvesting not only quicker but also a lot easier.

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3 - Cotton Twine

Cotton twine has multiple uses in all grow rooms. The main use is for supporting and training plants by tying them down, encouraging lateral growth and helping to give an even canopy allowing the light to have greater coverage. It will also come in handy for securing any temporary fixtures or for hanging items, like CO2 bags or Insect Catchers. Never start a grow without your ball of string as you'll never know when you'll really need it.

4 - Plant Labels

The most obvious use for Plant Labels is to identify what type of plant, or strain, is being grown as it's very easy to get young plants and seedlings mixed up. But that's not all, as they can also be used to note other vital information such as feeding regime, a number of weeks growing or flowering, any signs of stresses or weaknesses, or anything else that's important to that specific plant.

5 - pH Meter

Measuring the pH of your nutrient solution is essential to keep your plants healthy, especially if using a synthetic silicon supplement which is known to raise it, sometimes by around 2. Whether the pH needs to be more acidic/alkaline depends on the type of plant growth and/or the growth media used. Regularly checking your nutrient solution with a pH Meter means your plants are getting exactly what they need at the correct pH, growth media won't become unbalanced and nutrients won't get locked out.

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6 - Thermometer & Hygrometer

A thermometer is a simple bit of kit that all grow rooms should have, no if's, but's or maybe's as how else would you know what the temperatures are, as too high or low, could have a detrimental effect on your plants. But don't stop there, many digital thermometers can also check the humidity (moisture air content) with an integrated hygrometer. Like temperature, too high or low humidity will stop plants from growing to their full potential, and could also introduce problems such mould and mildew. By regularly checking the temperature and humidity, both at root and canopy level will help give control over your grow environment, allowing plants to thrive.

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7 - Heavy Duty Segmental Timer

A segmental timer will keep your day/night light cycle running smoothly ensuring the lights switch on and off at the exact same time every day, without having to remember to do it manually. The timer of choice should be heavy duty, or if running multiple lights, a dedicated lighting contactor, that's been developed to safely turn powerful grow lights on and off. Do not use cheap timers, like the ones that use pins, as these can jam, or worst-case scenario, cause a fire, which is the last thing you need in your grow room!

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8 - Extension Lead

Sometimes you just don't have enough plug sockets, or they aren't close, or accessible enough to your grow space. Extension leads easily do the job, allowing you a little more freedom, and space, setting up all your electrical equipment, whether it's lights, extraction, oscillating fans or anything else that requires power. Although a simple solution, please check the power ratings of the extension lead, and equipment, as overloading could cause them to fail, continually blow fuses and become a fire hazard.

9 - Duct Tape

If there is one product that you cannot live without, it has to be Duct tape with its many uses in and around, not only in your grow room, but also in your home too. Some of these include sealing ducting to extraction fans and carbon filters, as once the jubilee clip is tightened, wrap some duct tape around it to keep everything in place. Your grow tent has a slight rip, seal it with duct tape. Hide those loose overhead dangers or trip hazards by securing them with duct tape, or if your reflective sheeting has fallen down, stick it back up with duct tape. These are just some of the uses and we can't stress enough just how helpful it is to have a roll of duct tape to hand.

10 - Rope Ratchets

You may have all the bigger, necessary items for your grow room, like state of the art lighting and extraction, but it’s no use if you don’t have anything to hang them with! Rope ratchets make hanging items up easy, and once in place, it’s even easier to adjust the height with the quick release of the locking mechanism. The braided polypropylene rope can hold up to 68kg in weight so will even support the heaviest of carbon filters, lights and extraction fans.

11 - Green Head Torch

Need to tend to your plants during the lights out period? Well you can with a green light – the specific green light spectrum won’t trick your plants into thinking lights are on! Use a head torch and you’ve then got both hands free to carry out any work needed. It means you can tend to your plants whenever you are free and don't have to wait till the lights come on.

12 - Canna Spanner

OK, not all growers use Canna Nutrients, but if you do you should always have a Canna spanner to hand. If you weren't aware, 5L and 10L bottles are factory sealed and can only be cracked open using their special tool, which we'll happily do for you in store, but what happens if you forget, or are purchasing online? Without one you'll struggle to open them, we've heard tales of customers damaging the bottles, and even giving themselves an unwanted trip to A&E while trying to prise them open with a screwdriver, but instead end up stabbing themselves. Avoid making the same mistake and make sure you have a Canna spanner in your grow room box of tricks.


Whatever the size of your grow room, these simple essentials will help you to keep everything in top shape at all times. The tools you use are just as important and we've got them all here at Holland Horticulture. Pop into any of our four stores - Manchester, Burnley &Huddersfield- where our team will help you with all your growing needs.