The priority for any grower is to get the most out of your grow room, to improve yields and result in the best crop possible while growing indoors.


Although indoor grow lighting has become dramatically more powerful and efficient over the years, adding small additions to your grow room such as reflective sheeting can make your lighting even more effective at improving your results, without actually increasing the amount of electricity you use and with minimal additional spend. Using reflective sheeting around your walls and ceiling alongside a great hood/reflector like Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector will bounce the light from your grow lights back towards your plants, rather than letting all those luscious lumens hit the sides and be lost. You’ll be amazed at the results that can be achieved by bouncing up to 97% of escaping light back into your grow room.


By making sure light is reflected in your plants rather than being absorbed around your grow room, the higher chance you have at producing bigger and better yields. As you probably already know, light is a key ingredient that plants need to make the energy to power the growth of your beloved crop. The devil is always in the detail and your plants will thank you for introducing small improvements into your growing environment.


There are various options for reflective sheeting that all have different advantages from each other, all sheeting is sold by the meter.

Black/White plastic sheeting 


At £1.55 per meter, this sheeting is black on one side and white on the other and provides up to 75-85% light reflectivity on the white side. How it works: point the white side towards the light, and the black side will help trap light from getting in or out. This sheeting is not 100% light-proof and is 2meters wide.


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This lightproof material is triple-layered to ensure no light penetration. At 3 meters wide and £3.10 per metre length, this material is ideal for covering doors and windows to ensure a light-tight environment whilst offering up to 75-85% reflectivity on each side.

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Mylar is the cheapest and most traditional option for reflective sheeting at £2.55 per meter (1.4 meters wide). Developed by NASA, it’s 97% reflective but not light proof. This high-quality Mylar is very strong and won’t rip easily when in use, making it long-lasting and perfect for your grow room. A firm favourite with many growers!


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Similar to Mylar this is 97% reflective and 1.4mtr white but is backed with white plastic to make it even more durable in your grow room. This comes in at £4.10 per metre.


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Diamond Sheeting


Diamond sheeting is our most popular product as it is ‘diamond pressed’ and this increases light diffusion within the grow room. The embossed sheeting helps to better diffuse the light, eliminating the chance of hot spots appearing in the grow room.


When purchasing the 30mtr roll at £30.60, this sheeting also is 100% light proofing while also being hard wearing and 1.25 meters wide.


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