How to start growing your own food

During a time where fresh fruit and vegetables are becoming increasingly difficult to source, there’s no better time to start growing your own food. Not only are you able to taste the difference you know exactly how these products have been grown and what you are ingesting, homegrown food packed full of nutrition! What’s more, connecting with nature is hugely beneficial for our mental health. As any gardener will tell you, it’s an amazing way of relieving stress. Our motto is ‘grow with us it’s easy’ and with our variety of products, anyone can grow their own produce with any space available…

Go back to basics on the kitchen windowsill for chillies and peppers using the only FDA approved fabric plant pot:

Root Pouches - Fabric Pots

Root Pouches are degradable fabric plant pots made from 100% recycled materials and are washable, durable and reusable. The insulated material keeps out the winter cold but allows roots to cool in the summer. Both air and water can pass through the material freely, allowing the roots to breathe and take up oxygen efficiently.


FDA Approved Manufactured from 100% recycled materials Produces bigger yields & promotes vigorous root growth Prevents roots from circling (naturally root prunes)  

Plant!t - Herb Garden

Even if you don’t have space on the kitchen windowsill or you never remember about watering the plants, with Plant!t Herb Garden - a handy all-in-one self-watering system - this is not an issue anymore. You can grow your favourite herbs and fresh lettuces in your home without even thinking about it. This intelligent system will look after your plants by auto-watering them and taking the exact amount of nutrients your plant requires. So, you can relax and enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables every day!

Plants will receive supplemental light with a built-in full spectrum LED grow light with boost setting. This will alternate through phases of white and purple light to provide an optimal light cycle for all stages of plant growth and development. The LED can also be dimmed if it is not suitable for your living space. The planting pot can be removed from the lighting stand when potting up or harvesting your plants. It also allows for easy cleaning before starting with new plants.


Intelligent Self-watering system Small Easy to use Wallet-friendly


Always wanted to grow your own veggies, but didn’t know how to start? We’ve got you covered! With Vegebag you can plant your own tomatoes, broccoli or eggplants – it’s so easy and require as little as access to the sun (around 6 hours) and water. That’s it! Vegepod’s signature self-watering reservoirs have been customised for the Vegebag. Holding 6 litres of water the unique wicking cell reduces watering by up to 80%. Vegetables are watered from their roots up with soil nutrients being sucked up into the root system rather than washed from the bag, as most traditional pot plants do.
The mesh encases the Vegebag providing amazing growth rates as well as protecting against wildlife, pets, pests, bugs and inclement weather. Simply pop the bag open and place the wicking cell in the bottom of the Vegebag then fill the bottom section with a good quality compost (80 litres) and plant your veg. Make sure your Vegebag has adequate sun (we suggest 6 hours) and is watered in the absence of rain.


Perfect for beginners Watered from the roots A great solution for all herbs, leafy greens and root vegetables


Vegepod - Garden Beds (Small, Medium, Large)

If you have some extra space on your balcony or in a garden and want to grow a variety of products without worrying about pests and wildlife, then definitely try the most advanced growing bed available on the market – Vegepod. An easy to manage contained raised gardening bed will be perfect for you! You can easily control the growth and quality of your veggies away from the ground (and pests!). What’s more, it also takes care of your veggie’s health with a self-watering technology by using a wicking system and watering the plants from below. This means that your plants can last weeks without watering!


Growing all year round Away from pests and wildlife Self-watering system Available in 3 sizes

  So, there you go – there are plenty of solutions on how to start growing your own food. Whether you want to grow some lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, carrots or many more – we’ve got you covered. So don’t put yourself in a trap of thinking that this is a complicated process requiring a huge knowledge on growing, because – trust us - it’s really simple even if you don’t have any growing experience.