It’s week #5 for our watermelon plants over in Burnley and wow, aren’t they looking tall! We’ve hit week #3 in the vegetative growth phase and the plants are all growing steadily and getting stronger.

Watermelons @ Week #5

Watermelons @ week #3 veg growth, week #5 total

The upkeep of these plants has so far been super easy. Hand watering stopped after the first week, and the gravity-fed AutoPot system is doing the bulk of the work. Easier for us right? Growing with BioTabs in BioBizz Light-Mix means you also don’t need to add pre-mixed nutrient solution, and so our FlexiTank is just being filled with tap water.

Watermelon @ week #5 in an AutoPot

Watermelon @ week #5 growing in an AutoPot with Light-Mix & BioTabs

Lighting hasn’t changed – the watermelon plants are still sitting under a 250w Sunmaster Metal Halide, with an Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer reflector to keep the light distribution even. The new LUMii Black electronic ballast is still impressing us, running completely silent and being cool to touch.

I think you’ll agree that the watermelon plants are starting to look impressive! Healthy green leaves and thick stems look to be supporting the plant well with the help of the pea netting. So far so good with BioTabs and AutoPot! We’ll see how they grow over the next week and bring more updates.

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