VitaLink CalMag - 250ml

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Calcium and magnesium, two essential yet often overlooked elements to help promote strong and healthy plant growth. Developed to be used for extended vegetative growth when using a coco medium, CalMag by VitaLink gives your plants a boost of the much needed calcium and magnesium to make them strong and healthy as they approach flowering.

Although the formula of VitaLink CalMag was designed for coco, it can also be used in re-circulating hydroponic systems such as an NFT GroTank or Wilma, or when calcium is in limited supply or has mobility issues.


  • Gives plants a final push prior to flush
  • Helps use up any excess nitrate that can affect flavour
  • Maximises quality and overall yield of harvest
  • Suitable for use in hydroponic, coco and soil grow mediums


  • 1ml per litre during the first 3 weeks of vegetative growth


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Please Note:

It's vitally important you following the feeding regime when using VitaLink CalMag and DO NOT overuse as this could have a negative rather than positive effect on your plants.

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