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Kaizen Supreme 800W 3.0 LEDKaizen Hydroponics LED
Kaizen Supreme 800W 3.0 LED
Sale price£500.00
Kaizen Clone LEDKaizen Clone LED
Kaizen Clone LED 18W 2FT
Sale price£40.00
Kaizen Far Red LEDKaizen Far Red LED
Kaizen 100W Far Red LED Bar
Sale price£110.00
Kaizen Master ControllerKaizen Master Controller
Kaizen Master Controller
Sale price£100.00
Kaizen Coco - 70LKaizen Coco - 70L
Kaizen Coco - 70L
Sale priceFrom £11.95
Essentials Plus Calmag
Essentials Plus Calmag
Sale priceFrom £10.00
Grenade Nutrients 250ml
Grenade Black 250ml
Sale price£70.00
Kaizen Full Spectrum LEDKaizen Full Spectrum LED Bar Zoomed in
Kaizen Full Spectrum LED Bars
Sale priceFrom £60.00

Blog posts

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Cultivating Success: Understanding CO2 in Indoor Gardens

Maximising Growth with CO2 Enrichment In the pursuit of optimal indoor cultivation, many growers are turning to the strategic use of carbon dioxide...
Upgrading Your Grow Room with LED Lighting (The Takeover)

Upgrading Your Grow Room with LED Lighting (The Takeover)

LED grow lights have become a go-to choice for many growers, and for good reason. With plants basking directly under the light source, LED setups o...
Putting the focus on your Roses and Orchids

Putting the focus on your Roses and Orchids

In the world of gardening and plant care, achieving vibrant blooms and healthy foliage is the ultimate goal for enthusiasts and professionals alike. To aid in this endeavour, the market offers an array of specialised products designed to nourish and enhance specific plant varieties. Two such standout products are Rose Focus and Orchid Focus, formulated by Growth Technology.



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