Kaizen Mother Tent Bundle 0.75m x 0.75m x 1.30m

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Our Kaizen Mother Tent Bundle include all the basics you need to help keep a mother plant healthy. They are perfect for those just starting out or wanting to buy everything needed in one easy bundle.

The 75x75x130m Mother tent bundle includes a CFL 200w Blue lamp, with a reflector, Samurai Terra Grow, Light mix, and a root pouch. Grow room accessories such as a square tray, heavy-duty timer, spray bottle, hygro/thermo monitor, rope ratchets and a scalpel are included.

The Kaizen Propagation tent provides the environment for rooting out cuttings and starting seedlings as they are lightproof, waterproof, have a robust build and can easily house a CFL with no issues. These tents can also be used vertically or horizontally depending on how many cuttings you are rooting and on the space you have to grow.

This Mother Grow Tent Bundle includes:

  • Kaizen 75x75x130 Propagation Tent - check (x1)
  • Clonex Spray Mist 100ml - check (x1)
  • Samurai Terra Grow 1L - check (x1)
  • Biobizz Light Mix 20L - check (x1)
  • Root Pouch Grey 22L - check (x1)
  • Terracotta Saucer 14" - check (x1)
  • CFL 200w Blue - check (x1) | CFL Reflector 1 Lamp - check (x1)
  • Rope Ratchet (pair) - check (x1)
  • Scalpel - check (x1)
  • Large Display Hygro/Thermo with Probe - check (x1)

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