Organic Chives Seeds - Nelly

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Chives Nelly
Allium schoenoprasum
Approx. 850 seeds 

A member of the Allium family, like onions and garlic, chives have fine hollow leaves with a wonderful fresh, mildly onion like flavour. This perennial herb is easy to grow and small enough to do well in pots. The flower is a pretty cluster of purple tubes, loved by bees and edible too. They have been used to companion plant with apples and roses where they are said to help combat scab and black spot. This anti-fungal property is the reason for using chive tea as a spray against mildew on cucumbers and gooseberries.

Nelly is an improved variety with medium-thick leaves and a beautiful, deep, blue-green colour.


Chives are not effected by any major pests or diseases although rust can be a problem.


Sow a few seeds per pot or module undercover from February, the seedlings look a bit like grass. Grow on until the plants are about 8 cm tall and pot on or plant out. Chives like a rich, moist soil in a sunny spot or semi-shade. They are very suitable to make a border to your herb or vegetable garden. Sow seed direct from March until September into well prepared ground. Thin to leave clumps with a 15 cm space between. The plants die down during the winter and start to sprout again very early Spring. Divide clumps if they get too big. Cut the flowers off to encourage leaf production.


Cut the fresh leaves and chop them. Use them in soups, and salads. Add them to vinaigrette and potato salad. They go very well with cream cheese or added to herb butter. They can be chopped, mixed with water, and frozen in ice-cube containers. Mix with parsley, tarragon and chervil for Fines herbs. Use the flowers to decorate salads.

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