Organic Micro-Green Basil - Sweet Genovese

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Microgreens are leafy vegetables which are grown close together and harvested when only the seed leaves and first true leaves have formed. They have become extremely popular recently and are often used as a garnish. They also claim health benefits as they are packed full of nutrients.

They are easy to grow, all year round, in seed trays filled with compost. Grow them in a greenhouse or a sunny window sill.

Basil Sweet Genovese produces a delicate green leaf with a sweet basil flavour. It is a slightly slower growing microgreen and should be ready in about 24 days.


  • Fill a seed tray to a depth of about 5 cm with good organic compost. The seedlings require very little nutrient so a seed compost is best. Press the compost down quite firmly and sow the seeds to cover the surface aiming for a seed every cm. Water carefully and cover with a transparent lid, or similar, until they germinate. Remove the cover and water carefully as necessary every day.
  • Remember to resow trays every couple of weeks for a continuous supply.


Cut your microgreens with scissors when they are between 5 and 10 cm tall approximately 24 days after sowing. Continue cutting for about another 10 days.

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