Organic Onion Seeds - Sturon

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Onion: Sturon
Allium cepa
Approx. 250 seeds per gram

You might be more familiar with growing onions from sets but growing from seed is very easy and much cheaper. They can be started quite early with some heat but they will also produce good bulbs from a later Spring sowing.
Many varieties have white flesh with brown skin but they can also be red or white.

Sturon is a late-maturing onion with large, slightly flattened, globe-shaped straw-coloured bulbs. It is a popular onion to be grown from sets but it works just as well from seed. Sturon stores extremely well.


  • Grow in the Allium section of your rotation.
  • Sow seed in modules or seed trays of good organic compost between January and March at a temperature of at least 14 degrees C.
  • Grow on until the plants are a couple of mm thick and about 15cm tall. Harden off and plant out at 15cm apart at the end of April or beginning of May.
  • Keep watered during dry weather until they establish. Seed can also be direct-sown from April in drills 30cm apart. Thin the seedlings to 10-15cm apart.
  • Pull as required through July and August and then harvest the whole crop late August or September when ready. Do this in a spell of good dry weather which will help the bulbs to store well. The leaves will be dying back and they will just pull away as they dry.

Pests and diseases:

  • The main disease to look out with all Alliums is white rot, they can also be affected by onion fly and onion eelworm.


  • Onions are used extensively as the starting point for so many dishes. Cut off the top and peel away the papery skin. Chop or slice and remove the root end.
  • This is where their eye-watering oil is concentrated. Fry gently in oil or butter for a good ten minutes to cook through and bring out the sweetness and away you go with your dishes.
  • Onions can be roasted and pair extremely well with thyme. They can be eaten raw in salads and salsa, or made into pickles and chutneys.

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