Organic Oregano Seeds

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origanum heracleoticum
Approx. 2000 seeds

This herb is the herb to rival basil as a tomato partner in all Mediterranean dishes. The flavour is strong and powerful but warm and complex. The leaves are mid to dark green, small and oval with a pointed tip. They are perennial and love a hot sunny position and will grow to a height of approximately 60 cm. There are a number of varieties and the type we offer may change. Currently, it is the Greek one. The name oregano comes from the Greek, oros granos meaning joy of the mountain. The flowers can be white, pink or dark pinky-red depending on the variety. It flowers profusely and the multitudes of tiny blooms put on a real show loved by butterflies and bees.


Oregano does not suffer from many pests and diseases. They can get aphids and sometimes thrip. 


Sow undercover from March, sprinkle the seeds into seed trays of good organic compost or if using modules put a pinch of seed into each. Move on into 8 cm pots when the seedlings are large enough to handle. Transplant into the growing site from May 30 or cm apart. Seed can also be direct sown into well prepared soil from May onward. Pick the leaves at anytime before flowering. You can cut stems and hang them to dry for winter use and also cut down the flowering heads to encourage more leaf production but leave some flowers for the bees.


Use the leaves as fresh herbs when available. Oregano can be chopped and frozen in ice cube trays for winter use or dried. Hand in bunches and once dry strip the leaves from the stalks and store in airtight containers. It works well as a dried herb and keeps a good flavour. Combine it with basil and thyme for your own mixed herbs. Oregano makes a great herb butter on its own or mixed with other herbs like parsley, chives and basil. Add it in handfuls to your tomato sauces for pasta and pizza. It is also important in Mexican cooking and is an essential herb when cooking chilli.

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