Organic Pea Seeds - Rondo

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Pea: Rondo
Pisum sativum
Approximately 5500 seeds per Kg

Peas are legumes and belong to a family of plants that can make some of their own nitrogen. They do this with the aid of a nitrogen fixing bacteria which live in special root nodules of the plant. This symbiotic relationship is beneficial to the bacteria as it requires a plant host and for the plant because it can utilise the extra nitrogen to make more protein. In this group we have true peas, where the peas are removed from the pod for eating, Mange-tout, where the flat pod is eaten whole and sugar snaps where the swollen pod is eaten whole. The flowers are usually white, sometimes pink and are self pollinating. Podding peas is one of those ultimate gardening pleasures that comes very close to actually eating the tasty morsels.

Rondo is a late-maturing and heavy-yielding pea with large dark-green pods up to 10 cm long. It has a very high taste reputation. Ht 90 cm.


  • Grow in the legume section of your rotation.
  • Sow seeds in a shallow trench about 5 cms deep from March until June. Place the seeds about 5 cms apart and cover with fine soil.
  • All varieties will require some support. Twiggy sticks pushed in along the row is fine for short growing varieties, (60 – 75 cms tall).
  • Taller ones require a system of canes and netting. Pea plants use tendrils to attach themselves to supports and this enables them to climb.
  • Harvest from late May onwards as ready.

Pests and diseases:

  • If the mice don’t eat your seed the main two things that can effect peas are powdery mildew and pea moth. Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that makes the foliage look white. Try to prevent it by not letting the plants get dry at the roots and if infection occurs pick off and destroy the leaves.
  • If pea moth is a problem in your area try protecting the crop with mesh or sowing early or late to avoid the egg laying time of June and July, or grow Mange-tout types which do not seem to be effected.


  • If you haven’t eaten them all by the time you get to the kitchen pop podded peas into a small amount of boiling water, no salt, for a minute or two only.
  • Mange tout are best steamed, again for just a couple of minutes.
  • Peas are also fantastic in dishes like risotto, pilaf and pasta. They can also be pureed or go in salad and soup, they are especially good paired with mint.

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