Organic Pepper Seeds - Habanero Orange

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Pepper Habanero Orange
Capsicum chinensis
Approximately 150 – 250 seeds per g

Chilli peppers come in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and of course hotness. The hotness of different chillies has been measured using the Scoville scale. Anaheim types are very mild measurung 500-2500 on the scale. Jalapenos are between 2500 and 8000. Hungarian hot wax varies between 5000 and 10,000. Cayenne types are getting hotter between 30,000 and 50,000. Purira types are hotter still ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 while Habaneros start at 100,000 going up to 350,000.

Take care preparing chillies, the hotness gets on your surfaces, implements and on your hands.
Once you have tried your Chilli crop you will be able to gauge how many chillies you put in your recipes and whether you use the seeds or not, (the seeds make the dish hotter).

Orange version of this very hot pepper. The fruits are short and fat and produced in great profusion on plants that get quite tall and do need some support. They mature from green to orange and get very hot so treat them with respect!


  • Seeds can be stated, in trays or modules, from January to March at a temperature of 18 – 21 degrees C. When some true leaves have formed pot up into 8cm pots in good quality organic compost. Plant out into growbags or green house or polytunnel border when the plants are about 10 cm tall. If you are going to keep them in pots keep potting up as required until you get to your final pot size. Liquid feed once the fruits have set.
  • Harvest green when the fruits are ready or let the ripen to red or in some cases orange.

Pests and Diseases:

  • Green house crops can be effected by aphids and red spider mites. We offer biological controls to use against these pests.


  • Chillies really give dishes a kick and a lift. They are obviously fundamental to chilli and also in curry pastes and potatas bravas.
  • Dishes can be cooled with yoghurt or sour cream.

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