Organic Thyme Seeds

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thymus vulgaris
Approx. 1500 seeds

It's incredible how much flavour can be packed into a small herb like thyme. Originating from the Mediterranean, thyme thrives in hot and dry conditions with good drainage. It has a rich history, having been used by Ancient Egyptians in embalming fluid and by Roman soldiers who enjoyed bathing with it. Our thyme is the common, culinary type known as Thymus Vulgaris, with tiny pink flowers that bloom from early to mid-summer. It's part of the same family as mint, rosemary, and hyssop, making it a favourite of bees. In fact, honey produced by bees that forage on thyme is known to be particularly delicious. While thyme is a perennial, it can also be grown annually with successional sowing throughout the season, allowing for an extended period of harvesting its leaves.


Thyme does not suffer from any particular pests or diseases.


Sow the seeds from March until June in trays of good organic compost. Pot up in small clumps into 8 cm pots when large enough to handle and transplant into the permanent growing site when the plants are about 5 or 6 cm tall. Plant at a distance of 20 – 30 cm. Thyme makes small, bushy plants about 30 cm tall. Pick only lightly in the first year to allow the plants to establish.


Thyme is an essential culinary herb. Along with parsley and bay, it is a component of bouquet garni. Another fragrant culinary mix is Herbes de Provence and thyme, and savoury, rosemary, and tarragon are typical ingredients. Many variations occur and lavender, marjoram or basil may also be included. Thyme is a perfect accompanying onions herb used in many stocks, sauces and soups. Cut stems before flowering to dry, hang the bunches and then store in airtight containers when dry. Thyme dries well and keeps a strong, aromatic flavour.

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