Organic Watermelon Seeds - Crimson Sweet

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Latin name Citrullus lanatus
Approximately 20-25 seeds per g

Watermelon is an annual trailing/climbing vine of the cucurbitae family like courgette, cucumbers and squashes.
It originated in Africa and the seeds have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs in Egypt. It is grown today in many tropical and sub tropical places in the world and Southern Europe. So you might see it as a bit of a challenge but although we recommend growing in a cold greenhouse you might, in very sheltered areas be able to grow it outside. The large, round, light green stripy fruits are unmistakable as is the reddish flesh and black seeds.


  • Sow seed in good organic compost in 8 cm pots in March and April. Planting the seed on it’s side will help to prevent the seed from rotting.
  • They need a temperature of 21 degrees C. to germinate. You can then grow the plants on at a lesser temperature potting up as required.
  • Transplant into the greenhouse or polytunnel border in May. The trailing stems can be 2 or 3 meters long with large three lobed leaves, so give them some room. They need a lot of water, as the name suggests, and also regular feeding as for tomatoes. They need insects to pollinate them.
  • Harvest your watermelon from September to October but don’t expect them to be real whoppers.

Pests and diseases.

  • Watermelon can suffer from the usual green house pests like aphids and whitefly. Use a biological control if this is a problem.


  • Watermelon is delicious on its own, cut into wedges but it is also versatile in salads, summer drinks, sorbets. Try it with feta cheese where the saltiness of the feta and the sweet coolness of the watermelon are perfect. It also goes well with strawberries and fresh mint.

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