Quest F9 Air Mover

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This low-profile air mover can circulate 925 cubic feet of air per minute and is designed to fit into tight spaces. The F9 radial air mover is designed to prevent stagnant, water-logged air that can encourage pests like gnats, as well as plant-killing molds and fungus. Up to six F9 units can be linked together on a single 15-amp circuit. The F9 model does not have lights, ensuring total darkness during night cycles.


  • 1,015 CFM high velocity air flow thanks to our dual axial design
  • Daisy-chain and synchronize up to 10 Quest F10 fans on the same 15-amp circuit
  • Uses only 1.1 amps of power, leaving room for more equipment on your circuit.
  • This fan easy to stack for space-saving storage
  • Easy to hold and move around with comfort.
  • Features a convenient cord wrap
  • Provides electrical shock protection in wet and humid environments
  • Protects the unit and any daisy-chained devices


  • Part number: 4035030
  • CFM: 925 CFM
  • Supply Voltage: 110-120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
  • Unit Dimensions: 17″ W X 8.875″ H X 20.25″ L
  • Unit Weight: 21 lbs

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