Red Scorpion Filter 315/1000 12"

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Red Scorpion Filters have been created from the highest quality virgin mined carbon giving a premium product. The virgin Australian RC412 carbon is machine packed to ensure a stable and high quality product.

Activated carbon has the ability to clean and deodorise air that passes through it, thus works to eliminate particles and odours from your grow room. The Red Scorpion offers a minimal pressure drop whilst still maintaining high performance in cleaning the air.

Red Scorpion filters have an aluminium top and bottom, designed for lightness, and a filter bed with a thickness of 38mm. The large mesh exterior gives an increased amount of vent holes per square inch, helping to create a higher air flow throughout.


  • Made with RC412 Australian virgin activated carbon
  • Lightweight and robust housing
  • Comes with a pre-filter to improve durability
  • Designed to last for up to 2 years


The air flow rate of the fan being used must match that of the Red Scorpion filters. If the air flow rate is too high, the air will flow through it too quickly and will not be cleaned properly.

Remove plastic wrap, and fit the supplied dust filter sleeve over the exterior before use. The Red Scorpion filter should be mounted inside or as close as possible to your grow space. It is essential that all joins between the filter and fan are airtight for the system to work efficiently. Furthermore, they are designed to be fitted to the intake side of the extractor fan. Air must never be blown out through them as this will make the filter ineffective and could damage the internal components.


  • Carbon Filter - 125/300 // 5″ x 12″ // 430m³/hr
  • Carbon Filter - 150/300 // 6″ x 12″ // 470m³/hr
  • Carbon Filter - 150/600 // 6″ x 24″ // 900m³/hr
  • Carbon Filter - 200/600 // 8″ x 24″ // 1000m³/hr
  • Carbon Filter - 200/1000 // 8″ x 39.5″ // 1600m³/hr
  • Carbon Filter - 250/600 // 10″ x 24″ // 1320m³/hr
  • Carbon Filter - 250/1000 // 10″ x 39.5″ // 1980m³/hr
  • Carbon Filter - 315/1000 // 12″ x 39.5″ // 3280 m3/h
  • Carbon Filter - 315/1200 // 12” x 47” // 3600m³/hr


Due to its size, this product will be sent on a palette.

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