TNB Naturals The Enhancer

Title: TNB Naturals The Enhancer
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TNB Naturals The Enhancer is a fantastic, simple and safe way to deliver CO2 to your indoor garden or grow tent without the need for expensive CO2 regulators and bottles.

Made from 100% organic ingredients, The Enhancer by TNB Naturals works on the principle of photosynthesis and once activated, by adding lukewarm water, it will start to dispense CO2 within the hour, which can reach 1200 PPM (parts per million) in a 12x12x12 grow room.

The results will also be impressive, as you’ll not only notice an improvement on your plants health, but also the final yield that will leave you wondering why you never used a C02 enhancer previously.


  • To activate, add 1 litre of lukewarm water to the canister, secure lid, remove sticker, cover the small hole with your thumb and shake for a few seconds – it really is that simple.
  • Place The Enhancer in your grow room and gave it a shake every day or two to encourage the release of CO2.
  • The Enhancer lasts approximately 2-3 weeks, although it will still release low levels of C02 after this time, its recommended that you place an additional canister in your grow room, let them both work together, then after another 2 week, the first canister can then be disposed of and the process repeated until harvest.

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