12 Outlet T.0.P Spin Dripper Assembly No Stand

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The 12 Outlet T.O.P. Spin Dripper Assembly No Stand is a professional-grade dripper manifold featuring 12 x 1 meter dripper lines and stakes. This kit can be used independently or combined with others for larger-scale applications. The manifold is designed to accommodate 4-12 dripper lines and is pressure compensated, ensuring equal distribution of nutrients through each dripper. Each outlet on the dripper header delivers 1 US Gallon per hour / 3.78L per hour, and includes a cleanable filter. This versatile kit is compatible with both 16mm and 15mm pipes, making it suitable for a variety of growers.



1 x 12 Outlet Pressure Compensated Manifold

12 x 45° Dripper Stakes

12 x Dripper Lines 1 Meter

1 x 25mm Tee With Male Thread

1 x 13mm Tee With Male Thread

8 x Sealing Caps

1 x Roll PTFE Tape

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