6 & 8 Tier Drying Racks

Title: 8 Tier Drying Rack
Sale price£13.00



This large capacity, tiered drying rack is an essential piece of equipment for any indoor grower, whether a professional or hobbyist, for drying your favourite fruits, flowers and herbs at harvest, and comes in either 6 tier or 8 tier.

Made from a fine mesh fabric with separate compartments that sit 20cm apart, it allows air to easily circulate around your recently harvested fruits and flowers, helping them to dry quickly, consistently and evenly, but also preventing any unwanted mould or mildew forming and ruining all your hard work.

Measuring around 6ft in height, with each tier having a diameter of 22” (58cm) meaning there’s ample room for multiple plants to be dried all the at the same time, without having to use additional space or rooms.


  • Tiers that sit 20cm apart
  • Air easily circulates for quick and consistent drying
  • Designed to be easily hung from any roof or ceiling
  • Folds away for easy storage

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