A.R.T.S Wortelrot - 250ml

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A.R.T.S Wortelrot is a plant enhancer, ensuring that the natural resistance of the plant against diseases such as Pythium and phytophthora is generated more and quicker.

Wortelrot contains the active substance Chitosan, and the natural extracts of this initiate a process of self-defence. If the plant gets infected with fungi, it can defend itself by producing substances that are fatal to the fungi. The natural extracts also help to stimulate plant and root growth.

This formula works both when using through the leaves or through the roots.


Apply spray when plant is in dark period, as spraying whilst under bright lights can cause the plant to burn. 1L spray liquid is sufficient for approximately 10mtr2.

As a preventive: Mix 25ml with 1L water. Dip the roots of the plants into the mixture. These roots will be protected for the first 6 weeks against root rot is they are not grown too wet.

As a curative: Mix 50ml with 1L water, mix well and then mist the mixture over your plants. Repeat after 1-2 weeks. The remaining spray liquid can be given to plants with their food.

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