Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow & Bloom A&B

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Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow and Bloom A&B pH is the perfect base feed, scientifically designed for professional and grandmaster gardeners! Connoisseur is made up from the very best of elements; discovered by a group of 12 plant PhD specialists.

This two-part base feed has everything your plant needs to produce larger, healthier, denser harvests. Connoisseur comes in a separate Grow A&B formula, and a Bloom A&B formula.

Connoisseur Grow is a complete plant food, supplying all essential nutrients required for superb growth in the earlier stages of development. This formula will help to take your yields and grow up a notch. Connoisseur Bloom gives all the basic nutrients required for optimal flowering at this stage of development and helps to improve blooms and fruits for the final yields.

They are made from a whole range of amino acids, giving the plant the building blocks of proteins to enhance growth, hormone production and essential oil production. It also contains humic and fulvic acids for further improved nutrient absorption and transport, and has a wetting agent to allow easier uptake of nutrients by the roots.

  • Polyamino alcohols – which result in more elastic plant cells; so your plants can store more carbohydrates, by storing more carbohydrates you are potentially adding extra yield instantly.
  • Amino Acids – which is a building block of proteins that fuel metabolic pathways for enhanced floral and essential oil production.
  • Chelated minerals - Whilst indoor plants need the absolute best nutrients for maximum floral yields; what they need more is the ability to absorb those elements more efficiently, that’s why Advanced nutrients have produced these elements and chelated them all together for maximum absorption.

Connoisseur Grow and Bloom both have ‘pH perfect’ properties – meaning your nutrient solution will always adjust to the correct pH as long as you use only Advanced Nutrients boosters or additives.

Connoisseur Grow and Bloom A&B can be used with any and all Hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood and drain and hand watering systems.


During the growth stage, add equal amounts of Connoisseur Grow part A and part B to the tank and mix well. Then add any additives and boosters you want to use and mix well.

If you have only used Advanced Nutrients products in your solution, the pH should be correct. If you have used others, the pH perfect technology may not work and you should check using a pH meter and adjust if necessary.

It is recommended to renew your solution every 7 days.

2-part nutrients must be used in equal measures, otherwise your nutrient solution will not be properly balanced. Never mix nutrients, boosters or additives together in their concentrated form. Always add each one to the mixture separately, mixing before adding the next.

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