Alien Hydroponics AERO Black Series

Title: Alien Hydroponics AERO 6 Pot System 15L - BLACK
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The ALIEN® AERO™ has been developed after years of research. This unique system utilises the air culture technique which allows more control of the environment around the root zone. A powerful yet quiet water pump delivered the nutrient solution to Micro sprinklers located on the underside of each lid. The interval and duration of the feeding can be very finely attuned to the needs of a specific plant species.

The fact that the plants are suspended in air and the roots are not entrapped in any kind of medium makes the harvesting and crop rotation quite simple and straightforward.

Eliminating the growing medium is very freeing for a plants’ roots: the extra oxygen they are exposed to results in faster growth. Aeroponic systems are also extremely water-efficient. These closed-loop systems can use 95 percent less water than plants grown in soil.

The AERO™ system can be used as a recirculating or RTW (run to waste) system.


  • Maximum oxygen uptake - faster growth
  • The interval and duration of the feeding can be finely tuned
  • Extremely water-efficient system – uses 95% less water than plants grown in soil
  • Quiet operation
  • Rootzone control
  • Control feed schedule
  • Reduces the vegetative phase 


  • Pots, Lids, Net pots, Stands, Filtration header, RAIN Brain & pump, SPX-Flow pump, Power cord, 12v adaptor, Pot clips, Micro sprinklers, Drain covers, 32mm fittings, Nuts, Washers, Valve taps, Siphon valves, Stainless 304 hose clips, Spanner, Pipe cutters
  • Instructions
  • 120L Tank


  • Dimensions modular to: 1.20 x 0.75 m at 1.45 x 0.95 m
  • Tank Volume: 120 L
  • Feed pump: RAIN ™ AR01001 / Maximum flow rate: 3500 L / h
  • Drain pump:
    • 200W : Model: SPX-Flow®
    • Maximum capacity: 2270 L / h
    • Voltage: 12V DC

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