Alien Hydroponics RDWC PRO Silver 20L

Size: Alien RDWC PRO 24 Pot System 20L
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The next generation ALIEN® RDWC systems have many new features and are available in “PRO Silver Series”

The fittings are now threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts making system installation and relocation easier. Heavy-duty clips situated on the sides of the pots elevate the airlines off of the floor.

The Net Pot is much improved and is now manufactured in Supersoft™ material to avoid root damage. The square design suits rockwool cubes, but it remains round on the outside so rotation is still possible. The base includes a raised grid to lift the cube slightly to avoid being over saturated.

By using the ALIEN® RDWC hydroponic system, you can optimise maximum growth potential. The super oxygenated nutrient solution is constantly recirculating around the system. The pump creates a water current that draws the solution through the pots, mixing the nutrients. This current also delivers vital nutrients to the roots, optimising root health and increasing nutrient uptake efficiency. Importantly, PH and EC levels are continuously maintained due to the high volume of water contained in the system.


  • The patent-pending Dual-Flow™ fittings are an oversized 50mm for a more free-flowing system. These fittings are over 3x the internal size of the 32mm.
  • The pots and lids are also produced from heat-reflective silver polymer. This helps keep nutrient solution temperatures cooler and relieves the water chiller from working as hard.
  • Heat-reflective silver 50mm pipe is used vs the Black Series green 32mm.
  • The PRO Silver Series incorporate JET-STREAM A.I.R™ (Air Injection Rings). Air pump and airline sizes are increased to supply the Rings with a strong pressure to achieve maximum oxygen saturation.
  • Ball valves and heavy-duty inline filters are included with the Silver Series.


  • Parts: Pots, Lids, Net pots, Pot, clips, Dual-Flow™, fittings, Nuts, Collars, Washers, Valve & filter, Spanner, Pipe cutters, Instructions, CAMO® Tank
  • JET-STREAM™ Air-Kit: Air pump, A.I.R™ Rings, 6mm Air-line, Blue 6mm tees
  • Pipe: 6mm blue, 16mm silver, 19mm blue, 50mm silver* (Supplied in 1-meter lengths)
  • Camo® 120L Tank

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