Atami Bio-Bloombastic

Size: Atami Bio-Bloombastic - 100ml
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This sophisticated cocktail made of Bio minerals and Bio organic additives of vegetable origin, for the organic grower N-P-K containing additive for flowering plants.

This amazing product fits perfectly into the organic baseline of the ATA Organics.
Bio Bloombastic® is an enrichment for the serious, passionate organic grower who aims to grow high yields.
When used properly, Bio Bloombastic® will produce big beautiful compact deeply fragrant flowers and fruits with an organic flavor.

Bio Bloombastic® gives an increase in the E.C. (Nutritional value) on your base nutrient solution.


  • Bio-Bloombastic is an enrichment for the serious, enthusiastic, organic grower who seeks a high return.
  • Bio-Bloombastic never been in display on the market, but now new from Atami B.V.
  • Bio-Bloombastic is highly concentrated (1-2 ml : 1L). With 1ml-2ml Bio-Bloombastic you create up to 1 litre of nutrient water.
  • Suitable for the last 4 to 6 weeks of the flowering stage.
  • Can be used with all other basic nutrients.
  • Only suitable for manual watering.
  • Suitable for Soil (pot) and Coco’s (crushed and welled).
  • Easy to use and directly soluble.
  • Protected from stress and strengthens the immune system.

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