Bio Nova Hydro Supermix

Title: Bio Nova Hydro Supermix - 1L
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Bio Nova Hydro Supermix is a complete bio-mineral base fertiliser developed for hydroponic systems that use a growth substrate such as rock wool. Using Hydro Supermix couldn’t be easier as just one bottle contains all the trace elements and minerals required for healthy vegetative growth as well as flowering, and unlike other hydro base feeds, there’s no need for separate bottles of A&B.

The formula of Bio Nova Hydro Supermix is also 100% pure with elements being sourced from an organic origin, this helps improve the absorption by the root zone, but also gives a low EC reading.

Although Hydro Supermix has been developed to be used during vegetative growth and bloom, it is recommended that during fruiting, a PK supplement or booster should also be used alongside the base nutrients to give optimum results at harvest time.


  • Growth and bloom formula in just once bottle
  • Developed using 100% pure elements from an organic source
  • For use in hydroponic systems that use artificial growth substrates like rockwool
  • pH independent with a low EC reading


  • 1.5-2ml per litre during vegetative growth
  • 2-3.3 ml per litre during bloom

Please Note:

Although Bio Nova Hydro Supermix is pH independent due to the chelated micro elements, we recommend that once the nutrient solution is mixed, pH should be read and adjusted accordingly to around 5.8-6.2.

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