Bio Nova Soil Supermix

Title: Bio Nova Soil Supermix - 1L
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Bio Nova Soil Supermix is a one component mineral-organic fertiliser, especially adapted for systems with soil substrate. All trace elements and minerals needed for vegetative growing and flowering are combined within one bottle, meaning there’s no need for separate bottles of A+B.

All elements are sourced from an organic origin, making the Bio Nova Soil Supermix 100% pure. This helps with absorption by the root zone and gives a low EC reading. Soil Supermix actively stimulates root development and enhances soil condition.

Whilst developed to be used throughout vegetative growth and bloom, it is recommended to apply a PK supplement throughout fruiting.

The fertiliser contains:

  • Macro elements such as NO3, NH4, NH2, SO4, K, P, Ca.
  • Si and Mg.
  • Chelated micro elements such as Fe, Mn, Zn, B.
  • Mo and Cu.
  • Organic components.

Whilst Bio Nova Soil Supermix is pH independent due to the application of chelates, it may be necessary to adjust the pH accordingly (around 5.8-6.2) and should be checked.

Bio Nova Soil Supermix is partially organic, and cannot be applied through a dripping system. Hydro Supermix works as an alternative within this method to get the same result.


  • 15-33ml per 10 litres of water, 2-4 times per week.
  • The number of times per week depends on the species, size of the plant and climatic conditions.
  • When starting with richly fertilised soil, a liquid fertiliser is not needed for the first 3 weeks. When you are reusing soil, you will need liquid fertilisers from the first day, dependent on soil analysis.
  • PK 13-14: Start with 1.5ml in the second week, and build up to 10ml per 10 litres.
  • Ca 15 should be added in areas with soft water.

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