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Although BioBizz are better known for their soil range, Coco-Mix is their 100% organic, OMRI listed, coco coir grow medium.

Coco coir is actually a bi-product of the retail coconut industry, it’s also a leading medium in which plants thrive, and the BioBizz Coco-Mix is no exception. In order for the coco-coir to become useable for growing plants, the robust fibres must be allowed to decompose over a period of time so they soften, these fibres are then cleaned with clear water and shredded so they can be used as a substrate for growing your favourite plants, fruits and flowers.

BioBizz Coco-Mix can be used on its own, as a replacement for rockwool in hydroponic systems and also in a mix with clay pebbles depending on your grow method.


  • 100% organic, OMRI listed coco coir substrate
  • Coco fibres allowed to decompose, then cleaned and shredded
  • Can be used with growers usual A&B nutrient range & supplements
  • Coco-coir is a proven growth substrate that allows plants to thrive


Coco Mix™ works well plugged into pots as a rock wool replacement for growing all kinds of hydroponic crops – simply fill small pots with plugs of Coco Mix™. It’s compatible with all types of nutrients and can be used to refresh All Mix™ or other soil mixtures and with your usual A+B range to improve aeration. Combine it with Biobizz® products such Root Juice™, Bio Bloom™, Top Max™ and Bio Heaven™ and look forward to boosting the quality and yield of your plants.


How and how many times can I reuse Coco·Mix?

Coco·Mix is an inert substrate. This type of substrates provide a moist space that promotes the development of roots and their proper aeration. Coco·Mix can be reused, but the way to do it depends on the final result we want to achieve.

If we want to recycle the coco fiber, we will have to compost it for 5-15 days to make the roots disappear and treat it with enzymes. This way the remaining organic material will be converted little by little into nutrients that can be assimilated by the plant.

If we want a more rapidly effective substrate, we can sieve the coconut fiber, wash it well and enrich it with Worm·Humus to promote the onset of microbial life.

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