Budbox Lite Roof Tent Silver

Sale price£145.00


Maximize your space and yield with our Roof Tents (or Loft/Attic tents). Expertly designed with a pitched roof, they easily integrate into your home's roof space, giving you complete control over your growing environment for maximum success.

The Budbox Lite Roof Tent Silver boasts a spacious 120cm X 120cm X 180cm size, featuring 140cm high vertical sidewalls and a 180cm height at the top of the pitched roof design.

This 120cm X 120cm roof tent is suitable for 4-6 medium/large plants, however, the number of plants can vary depending on the plant type and personal preference. While some may only choose to put one or two plants, others may use many more.


  • 2 X 225mm ventilation ports.
  • 3 X 100mm cable ports.
  • 2 X 225mm air-cooled lighting vents
  • 2 X passive vents with Velcro covers.
  • up-lift bars to allow for incoming irrigation lines.
  • Strong, black, powder-coated 25mm steel frame.
  • Quick-lock, push & click pole assembly.
  • Green viewing window.
  • Very high-quality zips.

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