Buddhas Tree Coco A&B - 1L

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Buddhas Tree Coco A&B is a premium two part feed, containing all essential elements needed for a plant to thrive in coco substrate.

This base nutrient is perfect for those growing only in coco, as it has been formulated with just this substrate in mind to give a more specialised product. It contains all the basic components required for optimal growth within coco, including chelated nutrients to allow easier nutrient absorption and uptake.

The high quality elements used in Buddhas Tree Coco A&B give a superior product, and ultimately ensure you get the best end result for your grow. Who wouldn’t want healthier plants, with bigger and better yields?

Buddhas Tree Coco A&B can be used for both grow and bloom cycles, meaning it’s simple to use and there’s no hassle with adding any other nutrients throughout the grow.


  • Use 2-4ml per litre of water.
  • With your reservoir filled with water, add equal amounts of Coco Part A and Part B to the tank one at a time, stirring the solution after adding each one. Do not mix A and B directly in their concentrated forms before adding to the tank.
  • This two part nutrient base is designed to be used in equal measures for each part. Using unequal amounts can results in an unbalanced solution, thus not giving your plants the optimal nutrients.
  • Once required strength is achieved, add any boosters/additives you are using and mix well.

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