CX Horticulture Regen-A-Root

Title: Regen-A-Root 1L
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Regen-A-Root keeps your plants healthy and stops root diseases from ruining your crop. When used continuously in the nutrient, Regen-A-Root will help to maintain a healthy root system right from the beginning of the plant’s life.

Resistance to disease is improved as the formula helps to fight off Pythium and other root diseases. It is especially useful in bloom, when the root is most stressed. When flowering, plants are less able to combat these root diseases, making them more susceptible to disease. Regen-A-Root will keep the roots free of disease so the plant can focus energy on the flowering process without getting hit by infections.

Regen-A-Root is perfect for use with the range of CX Horticulture boosters and additives, as well as almost any other brand of nutrient. Combine with Wilt Guard to get even better protection!


  • Use from start to finish of your grow. Particularly useful during flowering.
  • Add at a rate of 1ml/litre to your reservoir tank alongside your usual nutrient schedule. Always add different nutrients/boosters/additives on their own, giving the solution a good mix before adding another.

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