CX Horticulture Wilt Guard

Title: Wilt Guard 1L
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Wilt Guard contains a specialised form of potassium, helping your plants to regulate water loss and strengthen the osmotic pressure within the plant. Roots are constantly exposed to microbes and disease, so Wilt Guard helps to combat this, especially during stressful situations such as when in bloom.

Add Wilt Guard to your nutrient solution at every solution change to avoid problems with root rot fungi and associated wilting. It protects your plants and keeps the stress at bay. Wilt Guard works with the whole range of CX Horticulture boosters and additives, as well as almost any other brand of nutrient. You can combine it with Regen-A-Root to get even more protection!


  • Use from start to finish of your grow. Particularly useful during flowering.
  • Add at a rate of 1ml/litre to your reservoir tank alongside your usual nutrient schedule. Never mix nutrients/boosters/additives in their concentrated form. Add them one by one, giving the solution a good mix before adding another.

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