Canna Flush

Title: Canna Flush - 250ml
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Canna Flush is a great product to prepare your plants for harvest, it works by breaking down any excess nutrients and salts that have accumulated in the grow medium, leaving crops and fruits flavorsome and free from any chemical tastes, along with helping to improve the overall aroma.

If you’ve accidental over fed your plants as they’re showing signs of nutrition burn on the leaves, do not panic as all is not lost, simply stop using your normal feeding schedule, use Canna Flush for approximately 1 week to rid the medium of access nutrients, then resume your feeding schedule, its also advisable to repeat using Canna Flush as you approach harvest.

Canna Flush can also be used in all mediums, whether soil, coco or hydroponic systems, whatever the substrate, it’s always wise to flush out unwanted chemicals for improved tastes and aromas of your crops.

And finally, this versatile product can also be used to clean soilless inert substrates such as clay pebbles, simply follow the dilution rates, soak for 24 hours then rinse with clean water, it’ll leave the pebbles clean as well nutrient free and ready to be used for the next grow.


  • Rids plants of excess nutrients and salts
  • Better tasting and chemical free fruits and crops
  • Can be used in all grow mediums whether soil, coco or hydroponic systems
  • Cleans inert hydroponic substrates like clay pebbles


  • Start using Canna Flush 1-2 weeks before harvest once per week at the following dilution rates:
  • Soil and Soilless mediums: 2ml per litre of water
  • Hydroponic systems: 4ml per litre of water
  • Cleaning substrates: 4ml per litre, soak subtrates for 24 hours, then rinse thoroughly with clean tap water.

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