CFL Grow Lamp Reflector

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This high quality reflector has been specifically designed for use with CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamp’s) due to their heavier nature compared with more traditional HPS and MH grow lamps.

Made from high quality steel, this CFL reflector can hold and support 125w through to 300w CFL’s in both red and blue spectrum, the inner has also been powder coated to a mirror finish for high reflectivity.

This CFL reflector also comes with an E40 fitting and a 3 pin UK mains plug meaning it can be set up in your grow environment within minutes as there's no need for additional leads or a ballast to run a CFL grow lamp, just plug in and go.


  • Made from high quality steel
  • Can support 125w to 300w CFL’s
  • Powder coated mirror finish for high reflectivity
  • Comes with E40 fitting and UK mains plug

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