Clip-On Fan - 6″

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The air inside the grow space must be mixed around to ensure that the air being extracted is that of the whole contents of the room. Air should also be directed onto the plants to ventilate amongst them to keep humidity down and CO2 up, even where dense foliage stops normal air movement. The constant buffeting by flows of air encourages thick, tough stem development through the constant gentle movement while the plants are growing. This persistent exercise results in very important load support capacity when a heavy harvest is weighing down the plant later in the season.

Air movement is easy to achieve with this lightweight 6 " clip on fan that includes a strong dog clip to allow the unit to be placed in virtually any position within your grow room.


  • 150mm/6"
  • 15W
  • 2 speed
  • Tilt up/down & rotate
  • Lower noise design
  • Easy to use
  • 230V ~ 50Hz

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