CO2 Propagation Bag (Twin Pack)

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Similar to the CO2 Bags, these smaller bags have been designed specifically for the propagation stage of a plants life, whether it’s rooting out cuttings or germinating from seed. Supplying sufficient amounts of CO2 during propagation is as important as during vegetative growth or bloom, as it will help speed up early growth, root development and improve overall health.

The standard CO2 Bags might be too big and produce too much CO2 for what is required, but with the Propagation CO2 Bags, the smaller size means they’ll fit neatly into most propagators and can either be hung using the supplied cable ties, or secured in an ideal place with the double sided sticky pads.

They will also gradually release CO2 over a period of approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on ventilation, heat and humidity, but for most type of plants, this will be sufficient for young seedlings to develop, grow and begin the vegetative phase.


  • Gradual release of CO2
  • Designed specifically for use in propagators
  • Helps improve growth, root development and overall health
  • Easy to set-up & completely safe to use


  • 2x Propagation CO2 bags which measure 75 x 100mm
  • 2x Cable ties for hanging
  • 2x Double sided sticky pads

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