Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Fan Controller

Title: Control Freak 7A Dynamic Frequency Fan Controller
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The Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Fan Controller gives you absolute control over your fan speed.

Most AC fan controllers will clip or distort your wave form, however, this one will change the frequency completely. Energy costs are cut, the life of your fans is extended, and you get super smooth control with no buzzing sounds.

What’s more, this controller makes customising your set-up really easy, with 90 different speed settings available from 10-100%. Through this you’ll be able to reach the perfect temperature more easily, and you have the advantage of your fan moving through these speeds smoothly and efficiently. Slower speeds will use less power, so running at 50% will effectively use 50% less power than other controllers would, saving you energy power and money!

For even more control, you can also change your bandwidth. This determines how much your temperature can rise above your set minimum. Use a tight bandwidth to keep temperatures closer to the target and give precise control, or set a wider bandwidth to keep fans moving smoothly.

The Control Freak Frequency Fan Controller has a large LCD display for ease of seeing the screen, and is a lightweight model. It has two plug sockets, making it suitable for both and intake and extractor fan and more.


  • Easy to use – plug and play
  • Includes LCD display
  • 2x sockets
  • Silent running
  • Saves on energy at slower speeds
  • 90 fan speeds available
  • Lightweight

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