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CX Horticulture TaNLiN (Nil Nat backwards – get it?) is not just a cure, but also a prevention when used regularly, against the potential crop destroying Sciarid Fly, more commonly known as Fungus Gnat. Once a plant is infested with these pesky little critters, they attack the root system at an alarming rate, destroying the plants ability to absorb nutrients, which in turn affects the plants health and flower production.

By using TaNLiN in your regular feeding regime once a week as a prevention, it’ll keep Fungus Gnats at bay and allowing your plants to flourish and also taking away any worry about a potential infestation.

If however you’ve already spotted the little pests, TaNLiN can also be used immediately as a cure around every 3 days. Please however have a little bit of patience after applying TaNLiN as the Gnats need to ingest it first, before it takes full effect and rids the grow room of these unwanted visitors.

TaNLiN is also extremely concentrated meaning a 20ml bottle can make 2000 litres using a 1ml per litre dilution rate. It’s safe to use with your current feeding regime, it’s non-toxic as its been designed specifically for use with edible crops and will not interact or damage plants.


Can be used in hydro, coco and soil at the following rates:


  • 1ml (40 drops) per 100ltrs added to your regular feeding regime once a week. For more intensive use, treat every three days the following methods:

    • Coco: Mix 1 drop per 2ltr of water and thoroughly drench growing medium. 
    • Recirculating: Add to the nutrient reservoir at 1ml (40 drops) per 100ltrs. If medium is not completely saturated by your watering system, saturate by hand watering. 

Make sure, especially when hand watering, that the medium is evenly saturated, or in hydro evenly circulated, as this increases the effectiveness of TaNLiN as with it being non-toxic, you cannot over feed. Flushing before harvest after using TaNLiN is still recommended, although, it doesn’t leave any foul after tastes.

Never use Hydrogen Peroxide alongside TaNLiN as this can reduce its effectiveness against Fungus Gnats.

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