DutchPro Auto Flowering Soil Grow / Bloom A&B

Title: DutchPro Auto Flowering Soil Grow A&B - 1L
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DutchPro Auto Flowering Soil Grow and Bloom base nutrients have been specially formulated for use with Auto Flowering plants, such as carrots, tomatoes and cayenne pepper, which are able to grow with constant light, that doesn’t need changing to 12/12 to trigger the bloom cycle.

Both the Grow and Bloom are two-part feeds of A&B providing auto flowering plants with all the essential macro and micro elements for healthy and strong vegetative growth, through to bountiful fruit and flower production during bloom. As auto flowering plants generally have a shorter life, standard fertilisers can be difficult to use as the plants flower when ready, not when the lighting schedule changes.


  • Specifically developed for use with Auto Flowering variety of plants
  • For use in light and pre-fertilised soil mixes
  • Two part formula of A&B for soft water regions
  • Contains all macro and micro elements for healthy growth and bloom

A handy feed chart can be downloaded below, please be aware as there’s no need to change the light schedule when growing Auto Flowering plants, care MUST be taken as when pre-flowers start to show, the Grow feed should be stopped and the Bloom feed started, which might be sooner than the stated 4 weeks.


As Holland Horticulture is located in a Soft Water region, we only stock the Soft Water version, if you require a Hard Water version, please give us a ring at 0161 273 5995 to check availability and delivery times.

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