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Title: DutchPro Explode - 250ml
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Dutchpro Explode is a top blossom enhancer, delivering all the precious nutrients and minerals needed to your plants throughout the flowering stage.

This nutrient supplement consists of several micronutrients, vitamins and acids, giving the plant an explosive growth. Explode also works to improve the photosynthetic process and will increase your plant’s resistance against disease and infection! All these high-quality components will be completely absorbed and leave no residue behind.

Plants use lots of energy during the bloom stage for pollination, thus Dutchpro Explode will help to keep that energy high, ensuring the plant is working at its best when flowering as nutrient deficiencies during the bloom stage will withhold your plant from giving great yields.

When using Explode, the production of chlorophyll in the leaves is stimulated thus improving the photosynthetic process. This turns water and nutrients into glucose, which in turn helps your blossom and fruits to increase explosively in weight and taste.

Explode is suitable for every irrigation system as we as most soil, hydro and coco set-ups.


  • Explosive blooms
  • Improved resistance against disease
  • Increased amount of glucose produced
  • No residue left


  • Use 100ml per 100L of water.
  • Shake well before use.


250ML 1L 5L 10L

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