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Ecothrive Biosys, the complete microbial solution, helping to give new life to your plants. This easy to use formula maintains a healthy root zone throughout the entire plant cycle.

Biosys is a highly concentrated powder that is mixed with water to make a €˜microbe tea' and unlike aerated compost tea, Biosys doesn't need brewing. This one powder contains beneficial bacteria, fungi, enzymes and plant growth stimulants, and microbial catalysts.


Improved root function
Increased nutrient and water availability
Disease prevention
Accelerate the breakdown of organic matter
Improve plant growth
Helps plants to recover quickly from stress

The unique blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants work on a few different levels, coming together to improve your plant's health. It works to encourage the rooting of cuttings, promoting both vegetative and generative plant development.

Root function is improved as the rhizosphere is supplemented with a natural balance of micro-organisms, allowing a better uptake of water and nutrients.

Organisms used include:

8 Species of Endo mycorrhizal fungi
8 Species of Bacillus
2 Species of Nitrogen fixing bacteria
2 Species of Pseudomonas
2 Species of Trichoderma


Biosys is ideal for potting soil, coco, and hydroponic growing media and in hydroponic systems with little or no growth media.

Make a concentrate first, e.g. add 10g to 500ml tepid water, and then stir thoroughly until powder is dissolved. Add this concentrate to the larger volume of water. Ideal for use alongside Ecothrive Charge.

Propagation: Add 10g per 10L of water. Ideal for watering newly potted plants. Pre-soak plugs for 15 minutes when using for seed and cuttings.

Established plants: Add 5g per 10L of water. Water the growth media until run-off occurs. Use with water of half strength nutrient solution and repeat every 1-2 weeks.

Recirculating Hydroponic Systems: Add 2.5g per 10L of water. Repeat every 1-2 weeks with each reservoir change. Avoid mixing with EC higher than 1.5. The nutrient solution must be actively aerated.

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