Ecothrive Coco Pro - 50L

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Give your plants that extra oomph with the all new premium quality Ecothrive Coco! This unique top-tier coconut coir potting mix has been pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge in the perfect ratio to get your plants off to an excellent start.

Ecothrive Charge is a product comprised of 100% premium organic insect frass, naturally produced from the droppings of beetles, and designed to increase growth rates and productivity. Many growers across the UK already mix Charge into their coco coir medium, so this new formula just speeds up your potting process by ridding of that step!

RHP certified, fully buffered coco (EC)

Coco coir usually contains no nutrients, with very low levels of beneficial biological activity. Charge turns your coco into a balanced and organic source of primary nutrients (boosting the fertility of the potting mix!), along with giving a boost of beneficial bacteria, chitin and naturally occurring Trichoderma.

Using Ecothrive Coco will give you stronger and healthier plants, with faster growth rates compared to ‘uncharged’ rival coco mixes. Try it today to give your plants the charge they need.


  • Simply open the bag and pour the coco into your pots – there’s no measuring or blending needed, we’ve done the hard work for you! If you have time, work your hands through the coco lightly to remove any lumps. Ideal for use with drip irrigation or hand watering systems.
  • The Charge in the coco gives a slow nutrient release so you can start feeding with your nutrient program from day one. Start with a low EC between 0.6-1.2 and use a coco-specific nutrient formula.
  • For best results, use Ecothrive Biosys at each potting stage and once every 1-2 weeks after.

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