Ecothrive Flourish

Title: Ecothrive Flourish 250ml
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Looking for a revolutionary seaweed extract that is perfect for soil, coco, and hydroponic growers? Look no further than Flourish! This concentrated seaweed extract is certified organic by the Soil Association and is packed with an abundance of bioactive compounds and phytohormones that help unlock the full potential of your plants. Unlike other seaweed products, Flourish is sustainably harvested from Northwest Scotland and the West Coast of Ireland using a chemical-free, cold-pressing method that ensures a high quantity of bio-actives. This results in a rich, wide-spectrum extract that is completely soluble and has a low pH. You can add it to your reservoir without worrying about spoilage or use it for foliar applications. With a recommended tank dilution of 0.25-0.5ml/l or a foliar rate of 10ml/l, Flourish remains stable in hydroponic reservoirs for weeks and is incredibly effective for foliar spraying. Try it today and see the difference it makes in your plants!

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