Gavita Reflector HR96 600W SE

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The Gavita Original HR96 SE reflector is made of a very high grade Miro aluminium which provides optimal reflectance of light to your crop. This is the reflector of choice for horticultural growers worldwide, to provide uniform light in an overlapping plan with great plant penetration from all sides. The reflector is a medium wide reflector, providing optimal horizontal penetration of the crop. Remember: the sun is never straight above plants, they do need light at an angle for optimal penetration.

Our bracket is designed to be able to change your reflector quickly. Miro aluminium can not easily be cleaned, and when you clean it, it will never be as good as a new reflector. We recommend changing reflectors every year in a “dirty” environment (dust, foggers, sprays) or every two years in a clean environment.


  • Medium-wide beam angle of about 135 degrees
  • The unique light distribution allows not only horizontal but also vertical uniformity.
  • In a large overlapping plan the vertical light depreciation over double the distance to the light is less than 8%, with light uniformity at optimal height over 90% average.

The distribution is as follows:

  • The spread of the Pro 600 with the industry-standard HR96 SE (Single Ended) reflector is about 2.7x4 ft (80x120 cm) at 2 ft distance in overlapping plans for light levels up to 1000 µmol s-1 m-2.
  • Notice that the spread of a reflector is never square, but always rectangular. This is a rule of thumb for smaller rooms up to 20-30 fixtures. Specific room dimensions may ask for creative solutions, as not all rooms have perfect dimensions for light. 

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