Gavita Master Controller EL2

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The Gavita Master Controller has been developed to give you complete automated control over all Gavita E-Series lighting systems.

These little black boxes have the ability to control up to 40 lights with the EL1 and 80 lights across 2 separate rooms with the EL2. You can also say goodbye to setting up multiple timers and contactors to switch the lights on or off as the Master Controller will allow you to control all ballasts with just a few simple clicks.

The Gavita Master Controller isn’t just a timer though, it will gradually turn lights on and off over a period of 30 minutes to closely mimic the sunrise and sunset of natural sunlight, this also stops any high in-rush of current when switching the lights on, which can also help prolong the life of your lighting system.

Two of the most important safety features of the Gavita Master Controller are the Auto Dim and Emergency Shut Down functionality. With the external temperature probe, it can monitor the grow room temperature, if its too high, your plants and final yield will suffer, but the Master Controller will automatically dim, or brighten, the lights to help maintain the desired pre-set temperature. While the Emergency Shut Down will do just that, if the grow room temperature reaches a dangerous or unacceptable level, for example if a fire breaks out, the Master Controller will shut down all the lights, along with any other connected equipment.

The Gavita Master Controller is simple to use, the display can also be customized to show output as either a percentage (%) or watts (w), temperature can be read in Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F) while the time can be displayed as 24 hour or AM/PM depending on preference.


  • Incorporated 24 hour timer to switch lights on/off
  • Compatible with all Gavita E-Series lighting systems
  • No high current in-rush
  • No need for additional timers or contactors
  • Mimics sunrise and sunset when switching lights on/off
  • Power output can be adjusted in 10watt increments (50%-115%)
  • External temperature probe
  • Auto Dim that adjusts lights to reach desired grow room temperature
  • Emergency Shut Down when temperature reaches dangerous levels
  • Allows ballasts to be plugged straight into the mains
  • Show power output as a percentage (%) or wattage (w)
  • Temperature in Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F)
  • Time in 24 hours or AM/PM
  • Easy to set up and use
  • 3 year warranty

There are also 2 models available:


  • 1 output channel
  • Controls up to 40 Lighting Systems


  • 2 output channels (40 lights per channel)
  • Controls up to 80 Lighting Systems in 2 separate rooms on 12/12
  • Can control 2 separate temperature sensors in 2 different rooms
  • Connect 2 auxiliary devices eg CO2 during lights on & a heater during lights off
  • Notification sent via text, email, alarm

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