Gavita Pro Classic 600w SE

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The Gavita Pro Classic is a revolutionary, 3 in 1, lighting system that combines an electronic ballast, reflector and lamp in one complete unit, that can produce up to 8% more useable light and help increase yields by up to 10%, compared to more traditional HPS grow lights.

The key feature of the Gavita Pro Classic is it is one of the first 240v, complete light systems, that runs the renowned 400v horticulture lamps which were specifically developed to run with an electronic ballast. The lamp also has a long 5000 hours life expectancy that benefits from an improved light spectrum and one of the highest PAR ratings (greater than 95% even after a year of use) in the hydroponic industry. It’s also the lamp of choice for commercial greenhouse growers in The Netherlands.

The electronic ballast is a silent running, solid state sealed unit with a Gore-Tex ventilation plug, meaning no moving parts or fans. Its also mounted close to the lamp, this reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can degrade performance of electronic equipment, so you know you’ll always be getting the optimum performance out of your light system. The heat dissipation from the ballast is also very low, therefore no additional extraction is needed to remove any unwanted heat from the grow room.

And finally, the Gavita Pro Classic features the highly efficient HortiStar HR 96 Reflector, made from Vega aluminium, it’s professional and compact design has a staggering 96% reflectivity so the vast majority of light isn’t wasted and will be directed towards the plants.

Available in 600w, which uses a Single Ended (SE) lamp and 1000w, which uses the Double Ended (DE) lamp.


  • Uses dedicated 400v horticulture grow lamps
  • Runs from a 230v UK mains socket
  • Silent operation with minimal heat dissipation
  • Produces up to 8% more useable light
  • Can help improve yields up to 10%
  • 5000 hours grow lamp life expectancy
  • Soft dim that dims the light slowly
  • Vega aluminium HortiStar reflector with 96% reflectivity
  • Red LED status indicator
  • UV resistant rubber wiring
  • Sealed, solid state ballast with Gore-Tex ventilation plug
  • 3 year warranty

The 1000w version also has the following additional features:

  • Uses a 1000w 400v double ended grow lamp
  • Adjustable to 600, 660, 750, 825 and 1000w
  • Can also be boosted to 1150w

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