Gavita Pro E-Series 270e LEP (Plasma)

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Introducing the Gavita Pro E-Series 270e LEP lighting system, a state of the art, 270 watt plasma grow light whose technology is based on the renowned LUXIM Light Emitting Plasma (LEP), but has been specifically developed for horticultural use as its emits a stable, yet broad spectrum of usable light.

Due to the abundance of blue light emitted from the Gavita Pro E-Series 270e LEP, during the vegetative stage, it can be used as a stand-alone unit to give amazing results by helping to produce strong, sturdy and healthy plants as they prepare themselves for bloom.

Its also recommended that during flowering, the 270e LEP is used as supplemental lighting alongside HPS such as the Gavita Pro Classic, E-Series or more traditional HID lighting. The two lights working together will not only push the development of fruits, flowers, taste and aromas, but will also stimulate and increase essential oil production due to the high levels of UVA and UVB from the plasma light.

The 270e LEP is solid state (no moving parts) unit with a marine grade finish, it dissipates little heat and over time displays no electrode wear, giving the lamp an extremely long life of around 30,000 hours. The reflector is high-grade aluminium with a high transmission, ultra broadband tempered glass cover which offers superb reflectivity.

And finally, with the 270e LEP lighting system being part of Gavita’s E-Series, it’s compatible with the Gavita Master Controller to give full, automated control over every aspect of your grow room lighting.


  • State of the art plasma grow room lighting
  • Stable and broad spectrum of useable light
  • Additional levels of blue light for vegetative growth
  • High UVA and UVB light levels for essential oil production
  • Helps to improve yields, taste and aromas
  • Compatible with the Gavita Master Controller
  • Silent running with no moving parts
  • Extra long lamp life of around 30,000 hours
  • 270w but with a similar output of a 600w Metal Halide
  • 3 year warranty

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