Gemini CO2 Bag

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the most important components needed for plant growth. A lack of CO2 available will result in slow, hampered growth. That’s where Gemini CO2 bags come in – they are an affordable and compact way to get more CO2 in your grow room.

All you need to do is pierce the bags and hang them near an oscillating fan, away from heat sources. The bag will begin to produce CO2 over 2-3 days. If it hasn’t by 3 days, carefully insert 1-2ml of clean water via an existing hole to assist activation.

Using CO2 bags will help to improve the overall health and yield of your crops, whilst being super easy to set up and maintain.

If used consecutively:

  • Pierce 3-6 holes in the top bag roughly 1 inch from the top and hang up. Repeat with the second bag after 10 weeks. Using two bags consecutively will give you up to 20 weeks of CO2 production in a recommended room size of 10 m2.

If used simultaneously:

  • Pierce 3-6 holes in each of the bags roughly 1 inch from the top. Bags will each produce CO2 for up to 10 weeks dependent on the ventilation, heat, humidity and amount of holes in bag. Recommended room size 20 m2.

Do not make contact with the contents of the bag.

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